Month: May 2010

HFQ5S6R398WS While that cryptic code above is actually only a test for some technical housekeeping for my blog, it brings to mind one of the less celebrated but personally illuminating moments of the Loma Prieta (CA) Earthquake in 1989. The obvious part of October 17, 1989, was that the earth shook. Registering 6.9 on the […]

When I was 6, I snuck into my parents’ bedroom early one morning armed with a trumpet. Stifling a huge grin so that I could get the mouthpiece working, I lifted the bell of the horn inches from the head of my peacefully snoring father and blew a loud wavering note that would have done […]

I have never been a big fan of the biking leg of the triathlon. I’m not into the little black shorts, the tight shirts, and the whole suicidal idea of clipping into the pedals, which in my mind is the equivalent of tying the tow rope to your wrists while water skiing. But the ride […]