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Season Finale – Zoot Westchester Triathlon, 9.24.2017     “I should run an Ironman.” The recurring siren song of that fantasy percolates inside my head every year that I train for an Olympic Tri.  And every year as I dismount from my bike after the 26 mile ride and transition to the 6.2 mile run, […]

The Escape From Alcatraz triathlon is to your standard Olympic triathlon what Metallica’s single St. Anger is to Miles Davis’ My Funny Valentine. It’s The Shining compared to The Notebook, The Godfather to Mr. Ed, or more apropos, Jaws to Finding Nemo.

On Sunday, September 25, 2016, our family took a 4:30 AM trek from Chestnut Ridge to Rye Beach in NY where my 16-year-old son Elijah, 18-year-old daughter Dylan and I participated in the Zoot Westchester Olympic Triathlon. Here are a few reflections on the day. The Art of Tri The essence of my Tri strategy […]

The 2011 Tri season is brewing. A little over a month ago, the local club held its kickoff meeting. Workout programs were handed out, goals were set, safety pitched, and the room veritably overflowed with good people and great expectations. Lots of newcomers eyed their first Triathlons, and more seasoned athletes were either looking to […]

The 2009 Jarden Westchester Triathlon was my first attempt at training for and competing in any type of Triathlon. I enjoyed a wonderful thread of emails with my niece, “K” (an experienced triathlete), during and up to the main event. She helped me in no small way to prepare mentally and physically for that race. […]

Four months after my rotator cuff surgery, my doctor saw me for a final check up. She had me perform manly feats of strength, like lifting up, pushing down, and extending my arms sideways against hers. She had me do stretches, reach for the sky and rotate each arm in wide circular motions. As I […]

I have never been a big fan of the biking leg of the triathlon. I’m not into the little black shorts, the tight shirts, and the whole suicidal idea of clipping into the pedals, which in my mind is the equivalent of tying the tow rope to your wrists while water skiing. But the ride […]

I’ve been wooed by the premise and promise of barefoot running. I bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers (a barefoot running “shoe,” not a marital aid), and joined the revolution with enthusiasm and resolve. But as much as I want to love these things, the jury is still out. Read Born to Run and […]

I ran my first Triathlon last  September. I shattered my goal of finishing the same day I started and raced across the finish line minutes ahead of the closest octogenarian. But as much as a rush as it was to live through the event, it was the entire process that hooked me, and one that […]