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“Have we been paid?” To a musician, this question can mean one of two things. Prior to the gig, it translates to a simple financial inquiry. If asked by a band member during the gig, however, especially if casually whispered mid tune, its connotations become exponentially more ominous. The query is a musician’s equivalent to […]

In January of 1985, my west coast jazz sextet, Night Music, somehow finagled its way into opening a concert for Dave Brubeck and his quartet. The gig was at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco. The day before the concert, KJAZ radio hosted a 3-way radio interview with their DJ, Dick Conte, me and Mr. Brubeck. […]

Some background on “The Lesson”:  On a Saturday in April 2001, I was driving home from the gym in San Rafael, CA grinning ear to ear as the local jazz radio station played a cut from my friend Smith Dobson. Not only was it Smith, but it was a track from his Smithzonian album, released […]

Since I posted the piece below a few days ago, I have received an amazing (surprising) number of comments, questions, and a few other anecdotes. Thank you. I don’t know of any piano duo albums of Shearing. However, to get a taste of his voice, his humor, and joy for the music (in a more […]

A Memory of George Shearing  (8/13/1919 – 2/14/2011) Of all of the people George Shearing ever met, I am one of them. And while he might have had some vague recollection of my name (my father’s), I am quite sure he would have no recollection of me. But meeting him was my first serious kiss […]