Month: February 2011

Since I posted the piece below a few days ago, I have received an amazing (surprising) number of comments, questions, and a few other anecdotes. Thank you. I don’t know of any piano duo albums of Shearing. However, to get a taste of his voice, his humor, and joy for the music (in a more […]

A Memory of George Shearing  (8/13/1919 – 2/14/2011) Of all of the people George Shearing ever met, I am one of them. And while he might have had some vague recollection of my name (my father’s), I am quite sure he would have no recollection of me. But meeting him was my first serious kiss […]

The 2011 Tri season is brewing. A little over a month ago, the local club held its kickoff meeting. Workout programs were handed out, goals were set, safety pitched, and the room veritably overflowed with good people and great expectations. Lots of newcomers eyed their first Triathlons, and more seasoned athletes were either looking to […]