Measles and Waldorf Education: Caught In The Crossfire

As summer 2019 was just beginning to stretch its legs, The New York Times and the New York Magazine took several potshots at Waldorf Education and The Green Meadow Waldorf School here in the writhing metropolis of Chestnut Ridge, NY. Caught somewhere between “He who hesitates is lost,” and “Look before you leap,” I took immediate action and started to seriously think about a reply.

I may be slow, but I am definitely not fast.

With the legacy of my kids’ 12 years of Green Meadow Waldorf School education in the balance, I finally penned a response, which was published in the Rockland County Times this week.

Please visit the Rockland Times and give “Measles and Waldorf Education: Caught in the Crossfire,” a read. Anatomically probable comments are encouraged, as are “likes.”

Excerpt: ” To report them in isolation and out of context, and to report, for example, that the Green Meadow Waldorf School bans textbooks and forbids media, presents a grossly distorted perspective.  It is akin to reducing Dr. Martin Luther King to a man who actively disparaged public bus transportation and inspired audiences with passionate orations on dream theory.

For more info on Green Meadow, click here.

6 thoughts on “Measles and Waldorf Education: Caught In The Crossfire

  1. Seems the link is not working but I’ll look it up….. thanks for doing…..the issue has been a great source of frustration. Would be nice to see it as an 0p-ed in The Times!! Alan


  2. Hi Ed,
    Thank you for taking the time to write this article. It sounds like all schools should be working towards this model. I do understand all programs should continue to grow in areas of weakness. Howard Gardner Harvard a great mentor would love this school. International Baccalaureate program for the gifted helps to prepare our future leaders.

  3. In the words of The Beach Boys, “Be True to Your School.” Truth in this case goes beyond fidelity. I hope you sent this letter to NY Mag and NY Times as well.

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