Questions That Keep Parents Up At Night

I’ve had the good fortune of having a recent article published in the Washington Post.

It relates a moment when I fielded a somewhat complex late night question from my then 6-year-old son. As I think about it now, I am grateful for the thread that has helped me to navigate parenting, jazz, and life in general – improvisation (that thing many musicians revert to when confronted with an actual piece of sheet music).

Please find the article here:

Dylan (editor 1), Reggie (editor 2), Elijah (13 yrs later), Me (also 13 yrs later)

5 thoughts on “Questions That Keep Parents Up At Night

  1. Hi Ed, As always, great, heartwarming and funny all at the same time ! Congratulations!

    All the best, Elizabeth Cantor

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  2. Hi Ed- Love this, and cannot believe the family photo of your grown up children! Josh, my husband, has a couple gigs coming up. If you and Reggie like to venture to this part of Westchester, I can send you the details. Please say hello to Reggie and the kids from me. Cathy


  3. Greetings, Ed, across 40 years, from your Waverly Street roommate. It’s been great to “hear” your “voice” again. It’s a voice that still comes through with unmistakable clarity in your posts.

    I agree with Elijah: “No one really knows” is often the best answer. In our family, I have a reputation for stating things forcefully. But I try to add this coda to my pronouncements, and I’ve told Megan I want it carved on my tombstone: “Of course, I could be completely wrong…” Cheers! — Jim

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