W.H.O.’s in Charge

My sincere thanks to The Independent for picking up my piece about why Donald Trump, in all his infinitesimal and infantile “wisdom,” pulled the US out of the World Health Organization.

It’s hard to imagine that I, a mere recovering jazz pianist (please enunciate clearly), was able to provide the leaked transcripts that will no doubt be Trump’s undoing. Certainly, the leak puts his Mensa application in severe jeopardy.

Here’s the link to The Independent and “The Top-Secret Transcript That Reveals Why Trump Really Pulled Out of the WHO.”

5 thoughts on “W.H.O.’s in Charge

  1. Well done! Beautiful to bring back the classic A&C. Me laughey big time. Love to you and yours, JH


    1. Helene – Thank you for the note. I hope you and yours are enduring this COVID twilight in good spirits and good health. Looks like spin classes will need to be held via Zoom for the foreseeable future. Be well.

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